Chapter History

Upsilon Omicron Omega Chapter was formed by the interest group Pearls of Sisterhood. In December of 1996, members interested in chartering a second chapter in the Norfolk area held their first meeting. As a result of this meeting, the group decided to move forward by petitioning Doris R. Asbury, 13th Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, with proposed chartering plans.

At the first official meeting held in January 1997, officers were elected and committees were appointed. The Pearls of Sisterhood carried out the international programs as the Regional Director continued to consult with the group on its progress.

The group worked diligently on a program of action that included:

  • Supporting the Math and Science Program and CHROME
  • Club at Poplar Halls Elementary School in Norfolk
  • Providing an educational center designed to conduct activities for children at the Fun AKAdemy located at the Barron F. Black Library
  • Sponsoring activities for senior citizens by integrating the Shower of Love program
  • Supporting health activities in conjunction with the American Red Cross and sponsoring the first Black forum that addressed our heritage

On June 1, 1997, only seven months after their initial meeting, the Pearls of Sisterhood became Upsilon Omicron Omega Chapter with 31 charter members. The setting was the Norfolk Airport Hilton.

  • Dedra Jordan served as the first President.
  • Sandra Norman served as the first Vice President.

Charter Members

*Bessie Abner

Barbara R. Askew

Allison R. Baker

Christine A. Booth

*Jessie J. Brown

Autrice L. Campbell

*Dedra B. Carter

*Sharon Dorsett-Edmonds

*Julia Whitehurst-Gregory

Estherine J. Harding

Sabrenna B. Hayes

Katie M. Hines

Jeanette P. Hubbard

*Adriane B. James

Alice E. Jones

*Emma Goldman Lewis

Tanya Lomax

*Juanita McKay

Elnora W. Melvin

Ingrid Watson Miller

Margaret L. Morris

Sandra H. Norman

*Olivia Osei-Sarfo

Tanya C. Perry

Tara C. Reid

Andrea D. Sawyer

DeVaughn Q. Scott-Smith

Lottie V. Scott

Tarrye L. Venable

*Myra D. Wallace

Delores E. Ray Wilson

*Ivy Beyond the Wall


Former Chapter Presidents

*Dedra Jordan

*Adriane James

Anissa Walker

Sandra Norman

Mona Gunn

Trista Pope

Delores Wilson

Christine Booth

Judi Laney


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